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   CHW is beyond ordinary. It requires a special touch to fill the many needs of people, who come from all over to resolve their hair, skin and beauty desires, as well as many special needs and goals. Specialist Sheila Lee is the Artisan behind the magic, and she has pioneered the development of a wide ranging number of designs and products in various forms and offers these specialized items to help turn your all of your beauty desires from ordinary into the extraordinary.

   Her skill with hair, hair products and even hand-blending skin products have produced inspiring results where none other could; and her touch with knowing hair and wig styles has assisted many; as we have heard from elated customers year after year after year. Whether close by or miles apart, CHW has helped people look their best, and in certain instances, helped those in distress through dire needs.

   CHW also assists special needs people, and provides a rare atmosphere of serene assistance seldom seen in todays cold world.

   CHW is, as we said, way beyond ordinary. And your experience with us will be a good one, for this is "all about us".


The artist at work.

We are also a reputable business "Of Good Standing" with "No Complaints" from any organizations, ratings bureaus, or individuals.
And proud to apart of the American Cancer Society,
to which Ms. Lee donated $1500.00 to in 2010.

Our Objectives and Goals
  • To create the highest quality products possible for our customers.
  • To provide a quietly poised & understanding customer service experience.
  • To  promote an atmosphere of serenity and help to those in need.

   The CHW concept and business was founded in 2000 - 2001 when Mrs. Lee's mother, Nell Marie, was diagnosed with breast cancer. This discovery lead to certain special needs by Mrs. Nell Marie, and by her own words conveyed to Sheila, her daughter, that "many others would also need this help as well", and she should start a business helping those in need. Before Mrs. Nell Marie passed on, she helped to inspire, create and fund much of the work that still goes on today at Creative Hair and Wigs.

   Overall, the name just does not seem to justify all that has been put into the business, nor it's heart and soul. But the specialized development of products found nowhere else does show that CHW is much much more than any single name could reward.