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   Using the correct hair care products is an essential, even critical element for longer lasting hair.
   Whether you are caring for hair you still have, or caring for hair you purchased, you'll want to use only the best. And the best is defined as simply the products that make the hair last longer and look the best.
"The life of a wig or hairpiece can be doubled by using the correct products & technique."
 -  Sheila Lee -

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   The RedKen Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner is some of the very best on the market today for colored hair. Full of nutrients, hair body enhancers and softeners, all with a smooth, gently smell and feel.

   Definitely a local favorite.

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IMPORTANT Updates - 10/24/12

The company of Artec, who is owned by Lorel of Paris has stopped making the entire line of KiWi Products.
CHW just found this out as of 10/24/12, as many of the companies own warehouses are not aware of this sudden closure.
We are sorry for any inconveniences this has caused, as we are just as distraught over the news as anyone.
All KiWi transactions occurring within the last week will be refunded.

RedKen Color Extend Sun - Sparkling Shield Spray is a summertime (seasonal) product. It will be returned to market the spring of 2013.

**If CHW receives enough requests for the product, we will buy and stock enough of the product to last through the winter. If this interests you, please write us.



   Hair and Skin Care Products are apart of the very core of the CHW experience. However, in addition to many of the known favorites, Creative Hair and Wigs has gone the extra mile and developed the Professional® Brand of Hair and Skin Care products. Born of special needs, the Professional® Line of Hair and Skin care creams & oils are the very peak of technologies combined to help the body repair damages from within.

"To be the best, you must have the best: and to have the best, you must go where the best is sold."