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   CHW has a very special collection of Gemstone Jewelry, as well as beautiful loose gemstones.

   The jewelry is hand crafted, all genuine, and contains freshly cut, grade AAA gemstones straight from the mines in Africa and India (of the absolute finest grades available). The base metals used for construction are gold, silver and some brass when specifically noted. All creations valued over 100 dollars come with a Certificate of Authenticity and estimated appraisal value based upon the current market-price standards. Much of the jewelry is As Seen On TV.

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Gemstone Jewelry

   Clicking this link button will take you to the CHW Cart where you can browse and/or purchase all of our very special gemstone jewelry pieces and rings. Remember, if you have Any questions or concerns, just give us a call or Contact Us.

Example of How Products are Shown

Item / Photo
The sparkling beauty of genuine smokey quartz on silver makes this ring an absolut knock-out. It is also modern and very stylish. Expect the ring to last a lifetime with only minor maintenance and upkeep.
The Price tab will only show Our Sale value. By Looking into the Description, it will reveal the retail or appraised value of the item.



CHW has a number of RINGS that "pass through" our hands without being added to the web as an "In Stock" item. Many jewelry pieces are special ordered, some of which are very rare and difficult to reproduce. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, but have a style or idea you would like constructed, just Contact Us and we will work to outline your personal item. Larger Wholesale Orders are discounted based upon the size of the order.


   Why don't we advertise or promote our special jewelry and gemstones ?

   Because we cannot produce massive quantities of the jewelry for one, and secondly, we want your find to be rare and unexpected. Also, many desire jewelry pieces that are original to which no-one else has, making the recipient feel all the more special for the having. So we take our time and create special pieces for special people, some of whom are in need of something beautiful and uplifting to which many will notice and complement.

   It's not just the jewelry, but the overall experience and "gratifying complementation that works to boost moral" that we seek, and is the cause or porpose of CHW jewelry.

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